Frequently Asked Questions


You dont need to create multiple accounts. One account can cut across all our platforms

Your account details is safe with us, Ensure not to give this to anybody as we will not ask for it.

You will need account verifications on all your find trnafer as this is a best practice to ensure you dont send money to a wrong person

You have access to your account anytime anyday

Your password is not to be shared with anybody

You cant change your accoun number

Yes, you will need this for every transcation you carry out on our platform

For failed international transfer, ensure you have made every necessary measures and you are sure your sent money to the correct account number, if all these has been put in place, then do write us a message. We will treat as urgent as possible

We have Automated Teller Machine Cards for use across the globe

If your account is blocked for any reason, ensure to write us a message for support.

To fund your account, walk up to any of our branches in your area to initiate fund deposit.

We dont want to see you go. But for any reason you want to close your account, do write us a message as we will treat as required

We provide 24/7 customers care service

Feel free to contact our customer care page and we will reply as fast as it can be

Have a Question?

Write us a message and one of our customers care representative will get back to you in the shortest time possible.

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